Friday, August 16, 2013

We had to say goodbye to this lovely dog this week.  She was a very good dog, a great friend and companion.  She started out a roly-poly ball of Hershey chocolate-brown and soon grew into a fast, running everywhere bundle of energy.  She never thought about walking anywhere if she could run.

Good-bye Belle, you will be missed.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What a wonderful Spring we have had this year.  The weather was wet and cool and I loved every minute of it!

Paul surprised me at Bible Study with a birthday cake, drinks and a balloon.  We all enjoyed the cake, but I was really hoping when I saw it, that it was for someone else.  I still don't like being the center of attention, but it's good to be loved!

I flew out on Monday (March 25) for Orlando and the ABB Automation and Power World Convention.  This was my first flight on Southwest.  The plane was delayed, and delayed and delayed some more.  I spent 4 hours in GSP.  Luckily, their Wi-Fi was good enough for me to watch several episodes of "The Walking Dead" while I waited.  Once the plane arrived, the flight was good.  The convention center was huge.

 I was hoping for some time out by the pool, but the weather was still quite chilly.  It never warmed up over 70 any day I was there.  It was beautiful though.
They took us to Epcot for the customer appreciation.  The food was an international buffet and we had time for one ride.  We chose "Test Track" which was pretty good, but not nearly as cool as Space Mountain!
I found these characters on our way out - cool topiary, huh?

We had an early Easter this year (March 31).  Katie and 5 of her friends sang during the service at church.
We didn't do any family dinner this year - Mom was sick. 

I finally got the front door painted.  Katie chose the color - turquoise - even though it looks teal.

Paul chose to have a cookout at the house for his birthday this year.  He was the chef as well as the birthday boy.
We had Ron, Brent, Mom and Arthur here.
And the main course - steak!

Heritage Sunday was April 21.  I love this event.  It's so much fun to gather outside for the service and then enjoy all the food that everyone brings! Is there anything better than a church potluck dinner? 
 Bart was a popular spot!
Katie and her friends sang again at Graduation Sunday (May 19).  They are excellent.
And this is her Honor Roll award for 2012-2013. She worked really hard this year and we're so proud of her and all she does.

Our biggest home improvement project was this:  we had a huge concrete pad poured and a 3-bay carport installed so Katie's car and the tractor now have a home out of the worst of the weather.

And here's some random Sam:

Looking like ET:

And finally - a memory from one of my very favorite places ever:

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter 2012

It's been a fairly calm winter here.  Not too cold, just very wet.  Paul started repairing the drive and we still don't have the last of the gravel down.   It keeps raining and just when the drive dries enough to work on it, another rainy day appears.  But the rain will make the hay grow and that's good.

We didn't have a Christmas party at work this year because of scheduling conflicts, but Sam and Geeta threw a late New Years Eve party in January.  It was a game party, with board games on all the tables, a Wii area, a Kinect area and a dance area.  The highlight was sumo wrestling as performed by Phil and Sheldon.  

We went to Gatlinburg for our annual Winter trip.  We stayed at the Park Vista in Gatlinburg again this year.  We left Thursday after work and stopped at Green River BBQ on our way up for supper. 
We stayed in once we checked in. 
Friday morning was beautiful.
Katie brought her strawberries out onto the balcony.
We caught the trolley to ride to downtown.  The trolley actually stops at the front door of the hotel. 
We did a little shopping.  Katie and I bought sweet tea jelly - yummy!
Katie stopped by for a quick visit with Bumblebee. 
I still love this Camaro body style.
And we walked through the Village - love those brick walkways!
We found the Ole Smoky Moonshiners.  Paul said this would be good for the front yard.

Katie thought this was a good thing - just not for her.


But she did pose with a moonshiner's car.

And I posed with an old truck.

Then we found this family of bears....
Paul bought a new pair of boots at our favorite boot shop, but Katie and
I didn't find anything we loved.
We took the trolley back up to the hotel and went to Pigeon Forge and shopped around the outlets and had supper.   

We woke up Saturday morning to this along with very cold wind.

The sun came out later but it never warmed up.  And of course, it snowed more at home that it did in Gatlinburg.  We took advantage of the bad weather to go to the Bass Pro Shop and then to the movies.  We saw "Identity Thief" and it was pretty funny.  We drove back to Gatlinburg and the traffic was bumper-to-bumper through Pigeon Forge.  We had supper at the Park Grille and it was extremely good.

 And this is the last night of vacation.

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

2012 is almost over and it ended with another great Christmas season.  Katie and I went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra on November 30.  I took the day off from work and signed Katie out after her 3rd block.  The show was great, but not as good as the last one.  But we'll definitely go again!!

Katie and I decided to decorate the house a little different this year.  We both love the non-traditional colors and went with lime green, fuschia, turquoise and pink.  And lots and lots of sparkle.


We went to the Cowpens Christmas parade and it was fun. 

Our church was also busy this season.  We had the most adorable angel tree ever!!  I wish I had a photo, but it was really just a very young, spindly pine tree with a big red bow on top.  We went to see our chancel choir combined with the Westminster Presbyterian choir perform the Christmas cantata "Peace on Earth".  Paul and I enjoyed it so much, we went to see it when it was performed at Westminster too while Katie was at UMYF.

We got together with the Wards and their side of the family for lunch on Christmas Eve.  I love it when we get to do this. The food was just stupendous - all the traditional dishes - and all delicious! And this year was especially great, since we have Hunter, Carter, Aiden and Ryleigh! 


That's the way a house should look at Christmas!  Toys and wrapping paper everywhere!
And after the toys were unwrapped, the adults got to have a gift exchange.  Justin was up first.
We left the Ward's and went to Mom's house where we had finger foods and way too many presents.


Ron made Katie do a present-hunt this year.

That's a Louis wallet!

And finally, it was Christmas Day!

We actually went out to lunch.  Our favorite New China was open and we went for Chinese, a la Christmas Story.
It was a wonderful Christmas!

Happy New Year!